Income - $5,000. per Month from money you can't spend
Summary Of A Proven Income Producing System!

All investments carry risk. The greatest risk is retiring without enough money to live on. When you do the math, it is obvious that most people will not be able to live comfortably on their existing retirement accounts.

The method involves rolling your existing retirement account into a self directed IRA, so you can use it to buy and hold California pre-developed real estate. Pre-developed land has the best chance of huge appreciation because you can still buy it at a reasonable price and it's in the path of growth.

roll money you can't spend into a $5,000 per month income

Land banking has created wealth for many and can for you too. Antelope Valley land is in the path of growth. Contact me for newsletters, etc. that show what tremendous growth is happening there now and expected in the future. Although california homes have dropped in value by 20%, land has increased in value by 20%. There is a glut of homes on the market depressing prices, but as land is purchased there is less and less of it causing the price to increase.

The goal is to sell the property at the end of 10 years, invest the cash in the IRA at a minimum of 4% interest and receive a $5,000 per month income after paying income taxes.

You can use cash for land banking, but if you have a retirement account to use instead of the cash there are additional benefits for producing a larger monthly income. When someone uses a self directed IRA to purchase real estate and later sells the real estate at a profit, the cash from the sale simply stays in the IRA. No tax liability is triggered until the account owner makes a withdrawal. By deferring taxes you can collect interest on the tax money you would have paid.

Contact me to help you roll your existing retirement account "containing money you can't spend" (stocks or mutual funds are converted to cash) into a self directed IRA and let's get your money working for you now.

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How to invest any money or money you can't spend to produce a tax free income for life


  • the best method requires a 401K or IRA with at least $10,000. balance
  • roll over into a self directed IRA
  • use the money in the self directed IRA to purchase pre-developed land in AV
  • each year add the maximum to your IRA and buy additional land in AV
  • when your land reaches development stage, sell land to those chasing you to buy it.
  • keep the proceeds in your IRA to avoid paying taxes on the sale
  • live on the interest and only pay income tax on the monthly income
  • you can always use the sale proceeds to buy additional pre-developed land in the same self directed ira and wait again for appreciation.





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