Income - $5,000. per Month from money you can't spend
The "METHOD" for Producing $5,000 per Month Income
    • Your Retirement account(s) [401k - IRA] are usually invested in the volatile stock market - this is the "money" you can't spend.
    • You convert your 401k or IRA into a self directed IRA
    • You use the self directed IRA funds to buy pre-developed land in the path of growth with 20% minimum appreciation.
financial freedom sign about IRA and 401K method to create wealth
    • After about 10 years you sell your acres of land to developers.
    • Profit from the land is back to cash in your tax deferred acct.
    • $2 million at 4% interest income is the goal = $6k per month
    • Hundreds are doing this now, it's perfectly legal, and smart.
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