Income - $5,000. per Month from money you can't spend
With a $5,000.00 / Month "work free" Income You Can...
    • Travel anytime and for as long as you want to
    • Retire before social security and with a lot more money
    • Work on a business or a hobby rather than for someone else
    • Do just about anything, when you have $5,000 income per month, every month, every year, work free!
Relaxing when you have $5K a month income without working

Calculations take into consideration $1,000 / month being paid in income tax, Therefore: $6,000 gross - $1,000 tax = $5,000 available NET income per month

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When it comes to investing there are many ways to put your money to work and many people out there that will be happy to tell you the best paying method, but most don't really know the most profitable way to invest someone else's money. Most investments are put into the stock market whether through an IRA or a 401K plan at work. Most people think that the only type of investment in a 401K or IRA is in stocks or mutual funds. Usually the brokers are motivated by commissions to put you into one of these vehicles. But, since the self directed IRA started people can now make their own investments and those can be in real estate.

Pre-developed Land is a great investment because buying land when it is plentiful and in low demand makes it affordable and when the developers move in your direction, the land values can skyrocket. This is commonly known as land banking. Land banking is the act of buying cheap land in the path of growth to take advantage of appreciation at some time in the future.
Making an investment for a steady income stream is fun when your investments perform as you expected. This website is to educate as to one way someone can use existing money in their IRA, 401K, or other retirement account and invest it in the security of real estate rather than in the volatile stock market. Retirement comes fast and not having a steady income when you need it most is a sad thing. Wise people prepare for the future. Now is the time to prepare for your retirement with a nice big IRA account that will provide you with plenty of interest money to live on.